Last week, I spent two days with my colleagues – Tracey and Kathryn at Whatipu in the Waitakeres, at the entrance of the Manaukau Harbour. Peta, the fourth member of our Core team unfortunately wasn’t able to be with us in person.

The purpose of spending time together was to deepen our connections together. We are completely committed to keeping our working relationships alive, evolving and juicy. Of course, we are all women juggling different aspects of our lives, so it was pretty special to take two days out of our usual commitments to be together in the wonderful wild corner of the world.

We understand that to work effectively with the women who come to our workshop ‘Woman’s Journey to Herself’, we need to be re-energising that same journey within ourselves.

I love the ancient tradition of women’s circles where women have sat together and worked together whether that be grinding corn or making a quilt.

Women have sung together,

carried water together,

made food together,

cared for children together,

keened and cried together

and laughed together for millennia.

If there is also an agreement and commitment to honesty, compassion and being real together, then something powerful and magical can happen.

Creativity flows and connections deepen.

We had a great time.

What started as a conversation about part of our weekend workshop turned into a re-vamping of the whole workshop.

We shared aspects of our personal stories which we hadn’t shared together before. Fears were expressed and heard.

Shame came calling as is usual when painful experiences are spoken about. Each of us was held with aroha, respecting each other’s inner sovereignty and offering a question or insight when appropriate.

We walked in the wild wind, with the crashing waves and rainbow foam.

We walked over sand dunes covered with sweet smelling lupins, alongside steep rocky slopes of pohutakawa.

We crawled in caves into dark spaces and sat quietly, coming back out into the light with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for 2020.

Thank you Tracey, thank you Kathryn

Thank you to Papatuanuku who held us with strength and constancy.

Thank you Rangi Sky father for the stars and the sun that warmed our hearts

Thank you to the wind – for blowing out the cobwebs and bringing in fresh thoughts and insights.

Thank you to Moana, the sea for the ever-present reminder of the rhythm of life in the sound of the waves.

Come and join us.