My garden is full of monarch butterflies that have recently hatched from their cocoons. They delight young and old with their looping flight and beautiful colours.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,
but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

For many people butterflies represent beauty, transformation and hope. We focus on the butterfly, forgetting as George Carlin once joked, “The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”

Like all things in nature, the caterpillar to butterfly story has lessons to teach us.

The stages of caterpillar to butterfly can be likened to the various stages of learning a new skill, taking on a project or transforming ourselves through becoming conscious and making new choices.

Firstly there is the little egg of possibility, of potential: I have an idea or a thought

then there is the caterpillar eating, eating, eating – gathering the resources to be able to turn an idea into form: I decide to create, to bring my idea into reality

then the chrysalis / cocoon, when seemingly nothing is happening from the outside, but inside transformation is happening: I work to develop my idea, even though I may not much to show for my efforts. That potential is taking on a new and different shape,

and finally the butterfly who realizes that potential and takes flight. I share my completed idea / creation with others / world.

Change and becoming a more conscious person is not easy – like the chrysalis, sometimes it seems like our beliefs and habitual ways of being / doing need to turn to mush before we can create more nourishing behaviours.

Our retreat “Woman’s Journey to Herself’ creates a safe, sacred space for a woman to have the space to reflect deeply, to honour what serves her and let go of that which needs to be released.

The butterfly teaches me that it is not possible to go from egg to butterfly without the stages in between. I need determination and commitment to realise my dreams. And even then, it can be hard… that is where the power of a circle of women is so important.

We create a circle of women that can hold, support, encourage and empower women to become more fully themselves.

How might your life be different if there was a place for you … a place of women, where you were received and affirmed. A place where other women, some somewhat older, had been affirmed before you, each in her time, affirmed, as she struggled to become more truly herself.

A place where … there would be a knowing that each woman there was leaving old conformity to find herself …. And the other women had helped you trust your own becoming … to trust it and quietly and reverently to nurture it.

Come and be part of a growing circle of women who support themselves and each other to expand into our fullness and realise our potential as women, as sisters, as lovers and creators of good in the world.

With heartfelt thanks to the wisdom of Judith Duerk, who wrote ‘Circle of Stones’ from where the above quote is from.

Come and join us – so you can fly!

Butterflies are a powerful source of inspiration on the power of change and transformation