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My friend and colleague, Tracey recently wrote an instagram story about self care. Hop over to our insta page and see the great posts there. And, please share!

I have been pondering self-care and what it really means… I recently saw this post, which so beautifully speaks to the fact that we are so much better at looking for answers outside of ourselves.

Self care needs to move past the external actions to the deeper parts of ourselves

It got me thinking how, as a society we have become very externally focussed. Everywhere we look we are bombarded by messages that offer easy simple solutions. Self care has become synonymous with having our nails done, or gettiong a massage.

Those things are pleasurable and may even be important but they won’t bring lasting contentment and relief.

Self care is soul care – opportunities to pay attention to the deepest parts of ourselves – the places within us where our dreams lie and our uniqueness as a person abides. How often do we take the time to care for those parts of ourselves?

What I love about our work at Women for Women Aotearoa is that:

  1. We walk our talk. As facilitators, we continue to do our own inner work and expand as women and people.
  2. We offer real, authentic experiences for women to come together and witness each other.
The power of women gathering is immeasurable

Just imagine how it would be to have a place of women for you, as a woman. A place of acceptance where could be ourselves – all of ourselves. A place of inspiration, where women of many different ages and stages of life could support each other.

That is the work of Women for Women Aotearoa.

Come and join us … you are so very welcome

Circles are inspirational and powerful