We – Women for Women Aotearoa – absolutely believe that where we hold our retreats is an important aspect of our work. It’s one of the ways we encourage women to care for themselves.

This is why we have chosen to hold our ‘Woman’s Journey to Herself’ retreats at Aio Wira.

we can journey to the river ….

Most of the women who come to our retreats have moved a few mountains to make it possible to come away and have time for themselves.

We honour the commitment these women make to nurture themselves with ritual in beautiful surroundings …

Ritual is transformative
Women supporting women
creating ritual together brings transformation and the opportunity to make meaning of our lives and ourselves ….

We are often told that it is such a treat to come away and not have to cook!

Food nourishes our souls as well as our bodies
wonderful food is prepared for us with love and care….

We walk in the bush and delight in the textures and sounds…

Women are nourished by being in the bush and close to nature
Tui birds delight with song and antics at Aio Wira

We are nourished on every level – physically, emotionally and especially spiritually by being with other women who listen to us and in turn share their stories.

We in turn create shrines of beauty to express our thanks to all that supports and holds us to do this important work.

Expressing gratitude for the elements and all that holds and nurtures us
giving thanks for all that holds, noruishes and sustains us

Come and share in this place of beauty

Come and join a circle of women … a place for you