Facilitating ‘Woman’s Journey to Herself’ workshops is a deeply humbling experience.

Watching women step into taking greater responsibility for their health – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – is inspiring. In fact it is awe-inspiring.

At the start of the weekend, most of the women present do not know each other. Inevitably there is a little touch of nervous anticipation. Through the processes we all do together, women find places and parts of themselves that may have been hidden for a long time and may have been under wraps out of shame or embarressment. Creativity sometimes blossoms like never before.

During the two days, I am always deeply moved to see women connect with their inner authority, take risks and share from their hearts. Creativity is discovered and expressed. Voices are heard.

By the end of our workshop, the women look different. They stand taller, more real, more vulnerable and stronger.

We stand in a circle of almost regal, empowered women.

Looking at ourselves, our lives and our relationships takes courage. The good news is that what we are frightened we might find in the darkest recesses of our deepest selves usually isn’t as fearful or ugly as we feared. In fact what those experiences or parts of ourselves yearn for above all else if to be seen and heard and accepted.

This blog is a shout out to all the other women who have done powerful work on our workshops. It is always exciting to hear of the work women continue to do after the weekend.

I have written previously about the power of being witnessed – having our story or experience heard – really heard is a powerful, sweet and often deeply moving experience.

Here is what a participant said after one of our recent workshops:

“Beforehand, I felt very anxious about sharing my story. Listening to everyone was so moving, I felt supported by all these amazing women. It was so good to share my story, when I was ready. I left the weekend full of positive energy, empowered to discover the woman within myself” 

The sort of deep listening women are given and give each other over the weekend is not commonplace in our communities. There is a tongue in cheek definition of listening that goes: ‘The listener is deemed to be the first person to draw breath!’

The following Instagram posts speak to the journey and the gifts.. with heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Freya Adams

The truth is, that when we strip away our roles of career, mother, daughter and so on, then we can see our essential nature – we are all so similar and so uniquely different.

Then we can get past our impressions of each other, our judgements and assumptiuons based on what we see and hear. We can see and appreciate that we all have human needs – to be loved, to love, to feel safe, to be valued and contribute.

If you feel moved to be part of a circle of women supporting each other to journey within and find themselves, then we would love for you to come and join us.