My lovely colleague Tracey continues to put great posts on our facebook and Instagram pages… here is what she wrote a couple of days ago –

For those of you who are not social media fans – I am copying it below because what Tracey says is so important as we live through these extraordinary times….

Another week unfolds here in this extraordinary time together.

This weeks beginning may feel very different from last week, and yet one day seems much the same as the last – right?

How are you doing out there?

Or …how are you doing IN there?

Finding perhaps some uncomfortable feelings rising up can be super confronting in such contracted and tight spaces.
Even in a solo bubble it can be tough. Less distractions or people to bounce off can make it challenging to know how you are feeling.

Reaching outward with some vulnerable feelings to another can be immensely challenging, but, if held by a skilled friend or experienced counsellor or therapist, those tough overwhelming feelings can be hugely rewarding places to visit.

Especially needed right now.

Asking for clear boundaried time for ourselves, can be hard for all of us, even those holding space for others on a regular basis. But practising shedding light onto those more shadowy places can be such an expansive feeling.

Potentially widening and deepening our inner world, to create new potent relationships with ourselves and for our outer worlds and future communities!

Encouraging you to reach out, claim your new sense of boundary, breathe deeply and safely should you need that right now.

Look after yourselves out there.