By Kathryn Firth

Many years ago I discovered the joys and revelations of attending workshops for women.  One of the earlier ones I attended was called “Celebrating Women”.  I delved deep into my being, and with the support and witness of other women I made some amazing breakthroughs and became a better friend to myself.  I felt light and empowered. 

The magic of this work took hold of me and I knew even back then that part of my future would include this rich work.  After the workshop, I felt inspired to write a poem which I want to share with you.  It is as relevant for me today as it was back then.  Time and again I notice that a container of trust allows realness and vulnerability, the light and the shadow to come out and be HELD. The courage to open our hearts is inspired by feeling safe and witnessing others.  In this space, transformation and a sense of freedom can be possible.  YES!

Here it is: