Jacquie Sokolov-Pearson

I feel blessed to have reached a stage in my life where I can be of service – as an older woman, a loving witness and a mentor for people wanting to make meaningful changes. I offer the insights and wisdom I have gleaned from my own and other people’s life journeys with compassion and humility.

Here are some of the things I love that nourish my wairua - soul:

All my life I have spent lots of time in the bush and mountains. I have a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world.
I am a gardener and create beauty wherever I go. As a child I had a keen sense of fun and loved dressing up and performing. That playfulness and joyfulness has been very alive in me all my life. I bring that joie de vivre to my work with you.
What makes your heart sing? Let’s chat about what you love and how life could be even better.

My experience:
I bring to my mentoring work many years of experience within education: as a teacher and Head Teacher in Kindergartens, community and private centres; as a home educator, Visiting Teacher and service provider of a licensed home based ECE service. Each of these contexts has come with its distinct challenges and opportunities for learning.
I have been a facilitator for the MoE under what is now SELO and am currently a mentor for the Education Council’s Tuakana Teina programme. In wider educational contexts, I have designed and facilitated facilitator training and mentoring courses for hundreds of community leaders in a not-for- profit (UK, 1985 – 93), which still run today. I work as part of a group of women facilitators in Auckland offering workshops and mentoring to women from all walks of life including mothers of children with cancer under contract to the Child Cancer Foundation (NZ).

Mentoring with Jacquie

“The greatest good you can do for another is to reveal to her, her own riches.” Disraeli

Mentoring is fundamentally about relationships. Working with me as your mentor will provide you with a relationship of meaningful support, insight, skill and wisdom that is tailored to your on-going development as a woman and as an individual.

My job as a mentor is to provide a space for you to reflect deeply on your life. This is not superfluous or insignificant work. You get to reflect on yourself as a person – your values and ways of being and ultilise these reflections in service to your relationships, your work, your development and your sense of satisfaction, joy and connectedness.

You get to celebrate your strengths, talents and achievements while asking yourself questions and gaining new perspectives that guide positive change and the achievement of personal goals.

Jacquie's Bio

The twists and turns in Jacquie’s life have contributed to her commitment to this work.

Leaving Aotearoa in 1980, she trained in Rogerian counselling skills, group dynamics, Gestalt psychotherapy and Community Building.

In the UK, she co-founded a parent support organisation with her partner Ivan, developing a facilitation training course with reflective supervision for parent / community leaders.

Becoming a mother in 1994 was an important moment, giving birth at home at almost 40 to her son, Josh.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ work, ‘Women who run with the Wolves’ opened Jacquie to the power of story and symbolism.

After returning to Aotearoa in 2000 she connected deeply with the Sumerian myth of Innana, leading to her writing and performing a one – woman show called Kur. This experience spawned Heroine’s Journey retreats spanning 6 months, held in the Kaimai bush.

Marking transitions; especially dying/death has been a strong theme; losing her father, aged 7, nursing Ivan while he died and the grieving process have been important journeys for her.

Jacquie has worked with mothers as educators for many years, empowering them to gain financial independence; supporting them to grow in awareness of their role in creating community.

A chance meeting at a summer gathering in January 2017, led Jacquie to connect with the Essentially Men community – and the seed for Women for Women Aotearoa came into being.

Jacquie lives in Devonport with her partner Terence, creating a haven of beauty in their garden. She works as a mentor with teachers for the Education Council and with women.