Kathryn Firth

Kathryn has always been fascinated in understanding people, and what it takes for then to thrive. She has been interested in supporting people in their journeys of awakening and empowerment since she was a teenager when she trained as a Kidsline buddy and later with Youthline.

Her journey of self- exploration continued as she entered motherhood and journeyed with her father through his cancer and death. She has led and co-facilitated many women’s groups, ritual groups as well as workshops on puberty. Kathryn is passionate about women deepening their connection with their juicy essence, enhancing their creativity and trusting their authenticity. More recently her interest is drawn to working with the body image issues many women face and self-empowerment around this. Stepping into the co creation of Women for Women is an exciting, challenging and incredibly rewarding ride for her. She brings compassion and sacred presence to her work with women, balanced with playfulness and joy.

Career-wise Kathryn qualified as a physiotherapist and enjoyed working and teaching in this field for 17 years. After her second son was born she focused her work on massage, which still satisfies a need of making a positive difference in peoples’ lives through therapeutic touch.

Kathryn is topped up by being in nature, particularly hiking and adventures with her family and time out at the beach. Other interests include her mindfulness practice, jigsaw puzzles, and reading a great novel.

Kathryn offers ‘Moon Magic’, a workshop for girls entering puberty. The aim is to empower and honour this special transition, and normalise concepts in a friendly and open way.