Tracey Murphy

Tracey Murphy has always been curious and passionate about inner transformation and development in a social context. And “what makes humans tick”.
As an art therapist, this curiosity leads her to offer and develop different embodied processes to groups and individuals around New Zealand.

Art Therapy

As an art therapist, this curiosity leads her to offer and develop different embodied processes to groups and individuals around New Zealand.
Using Nature as her muse, and using art and movement to facilitate new pathways to open within both the individual and groups.
As a facilitator and co creator of Women’s groups specifically, she loves finding new understanding within the common collective, and honouring the diversity in each. She is continually inspired by others stories and sharings.
Tracey also has spent many years working alongside those close to the threshold of death or illness, in hospices and hospitals, funerals. Supporting others to breath into their next stage or step forward in their journey. Using meditation and prayer to gently offer support.
She believes in the power of being witness to change. As a mother of now two grown young men, she knows the powerful witnessing of rites of passage work, which ultimately stoked the fire and led her towards offering this work here.
Tracey lives in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges, in West Auckland, where most days she can be found paddling her kayak across the Manukau Harbour, being close to the nature which continually inspires and ignites her creative spirit.

Carbon Mirrors Art Therapy

Carbon Mirrors Art Therapy” offers workshops and individual therapy promoting healthy integration of body, soul and spirit.
Tracey Murphy is a foundation graduate of the Tempera Initiative in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand. A post-graduate course initiated by Neeltje Prior Bollen who brought this powerful work to New Zealand in 1999. Tracey has worked alongside her since that time.
This process – based modality requires no prior artistic practice, instead a willingness to take oneself on. We encourage clients to participate in their own new habit forming, reflecting on how that came to be, using stillness and observation. By using the charcoal in a unique way we detoxify the physical, clear out the soul pathway and ignite the connection to spirit.
Charcoal has the effect of bringing us into a more awake and present state, allowing us to take self responsibility for shifts in our biography and habit bodies.
Water colour is used with those who may need a gentler journey, for example those experiencing chronic illness. Gesture and breath are used as a way to bring awareness to our connection to the breath and to integrate new habits using the hands, heart and mind in a non – intellectual process.
Each session involves a kind of breathing in and out using ones hands with the beautiful medium of charcoal, or colour. You are guided by Tracey through this non -psychoanalytical intervention using her warm, caring, and cleanly held boundaries. She is passionate about personal development and allowing an inner freedom to arrive to take hold of one’s life in a new and healthier way.
Tracey is based in West Auckland but travels nationwide supporting groups and individuals to take up the threads of their own unique life.