Originally the Women’s Work Collective, we came together in early 2017 in response to a request from the Essentially Men Trust for a workshop for women to sit alongside their ‘Men Being Real’ workshops which have been running for 25+ years. As well as our public workshops, we run retreats for mothers of children with cancer under contract
to the Child Cancer Foundation.

We are:
Peta Joyce, Jacquie Sokolov Pearson and Kathryn Firth who have been involved in facilitating personal development courses and workshops for women in many different settings since the 1980’s.
We are supported by Freya Adams, Lindy Herrick,
Stephanie Holubicka and Janette Feenstra.

As a collective of three women, we encompass a diversity of skills, ages, and background. Our experience ranges from facilitation, art therapy, child development, whole-person healthcare, physiotherapy and storytelling to mindfulness, spirituality and women’s work.

We are passionate about doing our own inner work, alongside what we offer others. All our workshop offerings we experience for ourselves first, to ensure that we attend to our own individual awareness and growth.

Our ethos is one of service to empowering women to live and be who they genuinely are, rather than who they are expected to be. We believe that bringing women together in a well held space to share deeply of themselves and their life’s experience can be healing and transformative.

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“What made this weekend so effective for me was the facilitators.  Their combined talents, open-heartedness, wisdom and caring provided a safe, fun, respectful and nurturing space to explore, express, discover, share, play, relax and retreat. I always felt my needs were considered and provided for. Such a refreshing experience as a woman!”

Jacqui T