Womans Journey

Woman’s Journey to Herself workshop is for women of any age, especially if you are at a crossroads, needing time out or positive support. The purpose is to empower yourself to discover and be truly who you are.

This workshop will support you, as a woman, by:

• providing a safe context for exploration and healing, away from your usual environment
• exploring with other women how to change your life around
• being inspired by other women’s stories and how they have changed
• discovering strategies for building your resilience, self care and positive development
• providing a community of women on a similar life journey
• offering a restful, nurturing, playful place in nature <br;


Workshop Process
We use small group processes, whole group sharing, hands on creative work, visualisation, life-story reflection, storytelling, ritual, music and movement.

Workshop Size and Boundaries
The workshop numbers are kept low so that you can be supported individually. We usually have four facilitators plus a support person. Clear boundaries are held to create safety for all and we ensure that you receive more support if necessary after the workshop.

 The workshop to date, has been fully residential so that women can be nurtured and cared for on every level. The experience of being in a beautiful environment can be transformational as so many women constantly put others first before their own well-being.

The workshop fee is $575.00 which includes accommodation, food and workshop resources.

“This was a deeply touching and rewarding workshop that allowed me time to dive in, be nourished and inspired, held in a safe and authentic environment”

Nicky Hartley